Work base

Result of all affort is to create Your web presentation with good accessibility for all users.

Fast page load

Despite the fact that more and more people have a fast permanent connection to the internet, there still exist users with very slow modem connection.. We can't forget it in developing a presentation web.. Therefore is good to think about size of transmited texts and pictures and optimalize it.

Respect for standards

Commonplace in web sites is adherence to standards created by Consortium W3C. By keeping it, you are sure your pages are accessible.

Web accessibility

To create accessible web means to make viewing pages more pleasant to people with handicaps. This could be a possibility to enlarge text with information.
Dále také uzpusobení stránek pro tisk. Very often problem are pages with interesting information without possibility to print. When you try to print it, you will see for example menu and many other needless elements on the paper. We will adapt pages to the right form, so that you will see only the information, which belongs to the print output!

Optimalization for locators

The main reason of web sites is to be viewed by as many people as possible. Tomu napomuže používání speciálních kódových vyhledávacích slov a registrace u známých vyhledávacu.

PHP + Database

The most of realized projects were developed in prgramming language PHP with connection to database. This combination create wide range of possibilities for web functions. Presentation can content a few static pages, but also large dynamicaly changed pages. It depends only on customer's wishes.